We Put YOUR Family First, Now & Always

You and your Family are our priority and at Bukido, we know that a family who trains together, forges stronger relationships and we actively encourage that. All classes are specifically tailored for your age and ability level and if you’re not ready to join your kids on the mats, that’s okay too. Sitting on the sidelines and watching gives a big boost to your kids and gives you the opportunity to meet with like-minded people and make new friends.

For us, it’s all about your kids and our curriculum, classes, instructors and ethos is aligned around them. Our slogan is “When only the best will do” and your kids will experience fun, engaging and motivating classes.

We teach how to handle aggression, NOT how to be aggressive

At Bukido, our program is about helping your children learn how to control their emotions, channel aggression and create a positive energy that builds:

  • Self-respect and respect for parents, respect for the environment, respect for the traditions of Karate and the dojo
  • Self-belief to achieve whatever they dream of
  • Self-confidence to stand up for what is right
  • Self-awareness of the dangers around them
  • Self-defence skills to keep themselves and others safe

Your children will be taught life skills that they can can take with them to succeed in whatever they
choose to do.

These include:

  • Focus and concentration: Focusing their attention to the task at hand and commit to learning and growing
  • Persistence and Teamwork - Facing challenges presented to them
  • Courage - Conquering fear and nerves
  • Discipline/Intensity - Performing martial arts with strong effort and attitude
  • Coordination and Speed - Controlling their balance, body posture and technique
  • Fitness and Agility - The mechanics that govern movement and the role it plays during gross motor movements such as jumping, dodging, and moving quickly
  • Control and Technique - Fundamental components of good control and technique that will make them into great athletes
  • Flexibility - Gain and maintain flexibility through fun and educational drills

We are open 5 days a week Monday to Thursday 3pm to 8pm and Saturdays 9am until 12.30pm

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